Health & Safety Policy Statement

General Statement of Policy

Save a Cup Recycling Company Ltd recognises and accepts its responsibilities and obligations under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and associated legislation, to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all its employees.

The Company will strive to provide and maintain all places of work and working environments, plant and equipment, storage and systems of work, in conditions which are safe and without risk to health or safety.

All levels of management have a personal responsibility for the successful implementation of this policy and for the prevention of work related injuries and illness. All employees have a duty to be responsible for their own health and safety and that of others who could be affected by their acts or omissions. Therefore, sufficient information, instruction, consultation and supervision will be provided to enable employees to prevent accidents and to encourage all staff to make a positive contribution to health and safety within the Company.

The Company recognises that health, safety and welfare of employees and the general public are business objectives and accepts that it has moral and legal responsibilities to protect its employees and others affected by its operations. As these are mutual by beneficial objectives of the Company and its employees the Company seeks the co-operation of every employee in achieving these aims.

The standards, procedures and rules laid down by the Company and contained in the Health & Safety Policy are part of every employee's terms and conditions of employment.

Although ultimately the Chairman has prime responsibility for the Health and Safety Policy of the Company, every employee has their part to play to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all concerned.

Signed by :
Date: July 2009

2.0 Health & Safety Policy - Responsibilites

2.1 Organisation - Individual Responsibilities Chairman
The Chairman has ultimate responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of management and staff, and observance of the terms of the Act. The Chairman will :

  • Ensure there is an effective policy covering all aspects of health, safety and welfare
  • Ensure that the policy is reviewed at least annually for effectiveness and that any necessary changes are made
  • Ensure that there is senior level commitment to the achievement of high health and safety standards
  • Ensure that a competent person is appointed to assist with the arrangements for health and safety
  • Ensure there are sufficient resources available to enable Save a Cup to meet its health and safety objectives

General Manager

Overall day to day responsibility for health and safety compliance within Save a Cup rests with the General Manager who carries delegated authority in this area on behalf of the Chairman.

The General Manager:

  • Is responsible to the Chairman for implementing and maintaining the Company Health and Safety system.
  • Shall continually review, appraise and where reasonably practicable, improve the
  • Company's Health & Safety performance.
  • Advises the Chairman on future needs in respect of health and safety
  • Advises the Chairman, Management Team and staff on any health and safety issues which require training
  • Liaises with the Management Team on health and safety issues at departmental levels
  • Shall ensure that first aid and health surveillance records are kept.
  • Shall follow the guidelines of the "RIDDO" Regulations and report to the Health & Safety Executive when required.
  • Shall investigate all reported accidents.

Customer Service Manager & Sales
The Customer Service Manager shall assist in all issues of Health and Safety and be responsible for the day to day issues in the office. They also ;

  • Shall ensure that adequate first aid facilities are available at all times
  • Provide information on Health and Safety as and when requested
  • Provide Risk Assessments for the office and review all DSE Assessments
  • Look after issues related to fire and accident reporting
  • Act a initial contact with regards to Health and Safety issues when the General Manager is not present
  • Ensure that all staff have received the relevant information on Health and Safety

Management Team/All Managers

The Management Team are responsible for Health & Safety within their respective area of occupation. They are responsible day to day for the maintenance of their area of control to keep it in such a condition as to be safe and without risk to health. This will be achieved by ongoing vigilance and observation, and for ensuring that their staff are fully aware of Health and Safety requirements. They report to the Nominated Person for Health and Safety.

For the purpose of this policy, the Management Team are responsible for any member of staff on a temporary contract, any visitor on the premises and any contractors who may be in their department.

Any matters which arise over problems, concerns or incidents regarding health & safety should be reported to the Nominated Person for Health and Safety.

The Management Team:

  • Shall ensure that the Company's Health & Safety Policy is effectively implemented in all areas or operations under their control.
  • Shall review accident investigation reports and implement any measures necessary.
  • Shall inform General Manager of any possible breaches of the Company Health & Safety Rules.
  • Shall maintain good housekeeping within their department.
  • Shall ensure that all employees in their department are adequately trained for the tasks they are performing, and are fully aware of the potential hazards.
  • Shall participate in accident investigation, review investigation reports and implement any measures necessary without delay.
  • Shall ensure that all employees under their control are adequately trained for the tasks they are performing and are fully aware of the potential hazards.


All staff are reminded of their own duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 to take care of their own safety and that of other employees, visitors and contractors, and to co-operate with Save a Cup so as to enable the company to carry out its own responsibilities. The Act also requires employees not to interfere with or misuse anything provided to protect their health, safety and welfare. All health and safety problems and incidents should be reported to their appropriate Manager.

Risk Assessment

Click here to download a copy of our Risk Assessment PDF.
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Method Statement

To ensure that Save a Cup's own staff carry out their duties, whilst on a customers premises, in a safe and effective manner, that satisfies both the customer's expectations and any relevant legislation.

Applies to all visits by Save a Cup's staff to customer's premises.

In consideration of minimising any impact to human health and the environment whilst satisfying the customers expectations for the collection of bags of waste vending type plastic cups, Save a Cup's staff will use the resources at their disposal to ensure that site visits to a customers premises are carried out in an safe, legal efficient and effective manner.


Save a Cup's staff:

Will carry out their duties in a courteous and considerate manner.

Shall on arrival at a customer's premises, park their vehicle in a safe position before reporting to security or reception, the Landlord or other designated site representative, to notify them of their arrival and seek permission, to carryout their work activities.

Must observe, both site specific and Save a Cup's health, safety and environmental requirements, follow safe working procedures, work process instructions and wear appropriate Personnel Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) where necessary, when carrying out their work activities.

Must carry out a site specific manual handling risk assessment as required, if one has not already been carried out, or review the site specific manual handling risk assessment as necessary. (In regards to movement of bins)

Must never attempt a two-man task on their own and obtain help to assist them when necessary.

Shall use the appropriate tools and other work equipment provided by the Company and ensure that the equipment is kept in a serviceable condition and never left where they could become an hazard.

Depending upon the nature of the intended task, check for any potential hazards in your proposed working area. If found you should contact the site representative and ask to have the area made safe and do not continue until it is safe to do so. This may require the support of the site representative.

Must carryout any operations in accordance to the 'Work Process Instructions guide'. All safety guidelines shall be observed as per Company procedures.

On completion of any work at a customer's premises, ensure that the work area is left in a clean, tidy and safe condition.

Will ensure that all tools, work equipment and bags of waste cups are removed from site and returned to the vehicle before departing a customer's premises. The client should ensure the cups be placed in clear polythene bags only and tied securely. If the bags fail to comply with this then contact the site rep.

Report if necessary to security, reception, the Landlord or other designated site representative on departure, to notify them of the work carried if required to do so.

Personal Protection Equipment (P.P.E.) required on site

  • High Visibility vest or jacket
  • Company Uniform
  • Safety footwear
  • Hard hats if necessary
  • Gloves