Environmental Policy

Save a Cup Recycling Company is funded and supported by the vending and catering industry to provide a collection and recycling service to users of hard walled polystyrene vending cups.

Save a Cup Recycling Company Limited is a 'not for profit' Joint Venture Private Limited Company. Our Shareholders are the major companies involved in the manufacture of vending cups, the food service industry, leading distributors, ingredient suppliers and polymer producers in Europe and the UK.

Save a Cup Recycling Company Limited is actively involved in an Environmental Scheme.

As a Company we are actively committed to meeting the environmental challenges and opportunities, which face us. We recognise that all our activities ultimately have a positive impact on the environment and that potentially negative effects must be identified and minimised. An ANNUAL REVIEW, STEP-by-STEP approach to implement the policy. We recognise our responsibilities towards the community in which we live and operate and will ensure that our activities are not detrimental to the environment in all its aspects. Our main objective is to be pro-active in promoting post consumer waste recycling for polystyrene vending cups and the support of suitable like-minded partners with similar environmental commitments. It is our intention, together with our partners, to ensure a responsible attitude is maintained in closing the recycling loop.

As a not for profit company the charges we apply are only to help cover the cost of running the scheme. The industry helps to subsidise the scheme so the customer can enjoy the lowest price possible.

  1. We plan to carry out a review at the management meetings of our services and where necessary, revise to realise our objectives with regard to this policy
  2. It is our intention that all company processes will meet and comply with air, water, noise and land pollution regulations.
  3. We will work to reduce office waste and maximise the use of resources, energy, water and other raw materials.
  4. All waste will be handled by responsible bodies and be recycled wherever possible.
  5. We will also work with these partners/clients/suppliers in the Scheme to improve public and industrial understanding of environmental problems through public relations, information and educational environmental training programmes.
  6. We will require all clients and suppliers to comply with environmental legislation and be similarly committed.
  7. We will provide an Action Plan for implementation of this policy
  8. We will assign responsibilities to the appropriately nominated person
  9. We assign strategic and short term targets
  10. We are committed to review this policy on an annual basis
  11. We are commitment to report the results/performance (i.e. actions out of the policy) of review and performance annually both internally and externally.